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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: New York, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: Iris Jacobson Burnett
Homepage: http://www.davidburnett.com/
Children: Jordan Kai (born 1986) - future TONY award recipient (in the sunglasses)
Occupation: photojournalist

as painful as so much of high school was, i cant wait for the reunion. still photographing (thanks, Mr Blackham, Mr Folland) since Olympian days... have travelled to 85 countries in pursuit of a good picture. Well aware there are many more out there...

Favorite Places

places to return to:
The Hill Club (Newaralia, Sri Lanka); Simla (Punjab) India; anywhere in Vietnam where great noodles are served (which is almost anywhere in Vietmam); Burma, before it is overrun with tour buses - im probably too late; Umbria (a village called San Casciano d Bagni... with great people, and wonderful food to match); Istanbul

School Story:

Just a couple of months before he died, I was home (SLC) visiting my mom, and called George Barton, our amazing Math teacher. I was lucky enough to be in the Home Room advanced math class (what a class THAT group was). I told Mr Barton how much his teaching had meant to me, and i suspected to many others in his classes, and for myself wanted to be able to tell him that directly. I told him that while I might not have thought of it every day of those 40+ years, but I certainly thought of it every week or so .. .his reminding us that when faced with a tough problem, you had to just slow it all down, and remind yourself to THINK. For years I had a small THINK label taped on my cameras to remind me that slowing down was one way to reflect on the things around you. I think he was happy to have heard from a former student, and just a couple of months later, when I heard that he had passed away, I was glad I'd had those few minutes to share with him. We were lucky to have some great, committed and very talented teachers, though who really knew that at the time? Lucky us...

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Aug 27, 2018 at 11:58 PM

chuck... i ve been looking all over to try and find you (and i dont say that about every row-mate from diane hansen's 5th period English class... hope you are well.. would love to catch up.

burnett: davidb383@aol.com

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lonnie.. talked with larry M a few years ago.. i think he's actually on this board but i dont know if he really monitors it try: larrymalmgren@comcast.net

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Mar 08, 2018 at 7:07 PM

larry malmgren: larrymalmgren@comcast.net

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hi Linda... Kristine's passing, bless her, gave me a chance to catch up again with a few profiles that i've either missed or (more likely) forgotten.. you know how forgetfullness seems to multiply... I had totally forgotten about the Copenhagen airport run in... but true, its funny that in a world of several billion persons, I run into an Olympus student every now and then. I had to laugh at your description of learning Danish... for a very brief time in the mid 70s I was pals with a Panam flight attendant who was from Denmark - a great, funny, woman whose travels, like my own, were often and usually last minute... we spent time (i.e. a day or two) in Tokyo, Paris, NY, and Hawaii... and at one point, in an attempt to impress her, I bought (and still have somewhere..) a "Learn Danish in 4 Weeks" book... the next time I saw her, I hadn't gone past "ik talle dansk..." and she burst into laughter (perfect English laughter of course...) and that was the end of my Danish lessons. Ill always remember you as the lead agent in getting our fourth grade class (can you imagine 4th graders doing ANYTHING these days, other than video games?) in getting all of us to chip in 25 or 50 cents and buy Mrs Rockwell (or was it Rockwood?) a set of baby blankets... one pink one blue since we didnt at the time know (nor did she) the baby's sex... and she started to scold us that day, thinking we were making fun of her pregnancy, when in fact we the students of 4th grade... were just pleased to celebrate her new baby's impending arrival... and when she realized that, she made the most wonderful thank yous to us. You were definitely in charge of that one... im always amazed at the crystilline quality of some memories which are 50 or60 years gone, but they have made such impressions. I was so sorry to see that Connie G had suffered so much in her grown up life... and Kristine too... I can't really think of any two women who might have deserved it less. Anyway.... vic-chu-als aside... its fun to catch up on here, i only wish our reunion evening had gone on longer.. there were a lot of folks who, even with name tags, i didnt recognize.. and many who hadn't changed a whit since '64. Hope all is good with you and the family.. .by the way.. is Willy the older brother of Vagn? I was on yearbook photo (my first year in photography) with Vagn and he was light years ahead of me in photo knowledge...
warm regards from NYC (where i apparnetly have lived for 40+ years.. though, like you probably, it sure doesn't seem like it)


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i had to stand for a second and ponder what 8.64 x 10to the 13th power was.. and then lose 9 0 s

but i did it! thanks mate!!

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another shout out to Jon Wilhelmsen ( i know how tedious scanning can be) for making all those 1984 pictures available to us.. and the question is.. certainly not 'do we look like we did in high school'... but 'will we even bare a vague resemblance to our 20th!? the excitment builds

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Posted: Jun 20, 2014 at 9:09 AM
im not really that angry looking all the time... in fact almost never...