50th Group Photo

Jon Wilhelmsen has created a Shutterfly account for those who would like to print their own copy. http://www.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?sid=2BaOWjZq4cOPA
Note: If you crop in Shutterfly, make sure to crop down to bottom of picture. Do not leave crop in the default mode or it may crop out the Reunion Name.

Jon has also saved three images to his personal site.  Available until the end of August for downloading.
One is sized for printing 8x10, one sized for a tablet, and one sized for a phone. Click the link for the file you desire. When the image comes up, right click and select "Save picture as.." to save to your computer.

Also available until the end of August are two documents related to the group photo.
A key to the photo in black and white with an index - file name = Oly50-GrpPhotoIds.jpg
A list of the names of those in the photo - file name = Oly64GroupIds.pdf

If you would like a professional print with fine linen texture and lustre coat protection (8"x10", 11"x14", or 16"x20") from Jon's pro lab, email him at joncwilhelmsen@gmail.com.  He'll charge his cost, which includes shipping. Indicate whether you want the print only, or the print mounted to masonite. Mounted works only in frames without mattes and can be put in frames without glass.

8" x 10" print only:         $16.00
8" x 10" mounted print:   $19.00
11" x 14" print only:        $16.00
11" x 14" mounted print:  $25.00
16" x 20" print only:        $28.00
16" x 20" mounted print:  $40.00

Note: if you reside in California he will add sales tax.