Missing Classmates

These are classmates for whom we have no email address or no confirmed physical address.  We also have a large group of people with email addresses, but who are not yet registered.  They appear in the full Classmate Profiles list but not on this list.

If you have any information on these people, please email Harv Cahoon (harv.olympus64@gmail.com) or click on Contact Us and pass the info along.  We are now down to about 10% of our class who are truly Missing.  Said another way, we have found 90% of all of the Class of '64.

This site is the easiest way for them to be kept up to date on what is happening with the Olympus High School Class of '64 and so email addresses are invaluable.  If you find an email address, please forward it to Harvey so it is included in our database. 

Bill Atkinson
Ron Bernier
Roy Bowers
Carol Bruce (Griswald)
Arlyne Cavaza
John Coleman
Jane Cook
Barry Craig
Richard Creed
Susan Decker (Allinson)
Larry R. DeVries
Carolyn Evans
Ronald Evans
Darrell D. Frost
Jim Fulghum
Eugene Gentry
Jack Harriman
Kathy Hilton (Heaps)
Bob Hunt
Kathy Hunter (Frampton)
Sandy King (Erickson)
Nancy Lanoue
Robert Alan Marsh
Manton (Gordon) Mendenhall
Patricia Moody (Moreno)
Carma Moon (Burton)
Sherrie Nabeta
Wendi Nicodemus (Stowe)
Karen Olsen
Billy Rasmussen
Bonnie Runyan (Davis)
Kathy Runyan (Peterson)
Susan Slenning (LaBohm)
Carol Snyder
Bob Sundberg
Mike Van Ness
Peggy Wall (Meyer)
Sharon Whitley (Flaster)