In Memory

Barbara Ashpole (Watts)

Barbara Ashpole (Watts)

  Barbara Ashpole (Bateman)  (1946-2018)

Barbara Earle Ashpole Bateman, born May 3, 1946 to Robert Earl Ashpole and Dorothy Florence Brown, peacefully passed away August 25, 2018 after having been surrounded by loved ones. She battled courageously for life, winning many additional years of quality time past her original prognosis of six months. She gratefully attributes that time to the outstanding, dedicated doctors and equipment at the Huntsman Cancer Center.

During her 72 years on earth she experienced an abundance of love. As part of the very first Baby Boomers, born nine months after the end of WWII, she was welcomed by young parents into their post war hopes and dreams. Barbara soon became a big sister with the joys and responsibilities of three little sisters, Lyn, Beverly and Tamara, all living. Two additional siblings, Robert Leo Ashpole, living and Minnie Jo Ashpole, deceased in 1998.

She adored and was adored by her grandparents, Alice Cleora Adams, George Alfred Brown, Minnie Edith Ferguson and John Benjamin Ashpole, her Aunt Gloria Brown Duggan of Rhode Island, living and Uncle George Brown, living. She had cousins, nieces and nephews too numerous to list but all cherished dearly. Her family was large and complete with close ties and traditions. Two husbands walked hand and hand with her at different times along the path of her life, Thomas Randall Bateman, 32 years, the father of their four children, living and Jimmy Wayne Watts, 17 years, living. She was grateful for both of them and cherished her marriages.

Barbara's four children Deborah Lee (George Wallace), Halle Alice (Becky McClellan), Amy Michelle (Robert Lyman), Heather Lyn (David Mason) were her ultimate blessings and fulfillment in her life. They in turn gave Barbara great joy with the births and lives of her five grandchildren, Kealohi Wallace, age 29, Jade Lyman, age 25, Sierra Lyman, age 19, Elijah Michael, age 13, and Rhys Randall, age 10.

Barbara thought "grandmother was the most beautiful word in the English language."

Among her hearts treasures were her friends, many who have maintained ties through the years. Celebrating life stages together from her school years though the final stages of cancer.

They lifted her up with their support and thoughtful services, including, lunch, long trips to treatment at the Huntsman Cancer Center. Neighbors came to her aide with food and errands and met her every need. For this she was thankful.

For twenty-two years she worked in new home sales and construction in the model homes of Richmond American, Fieldstone, Holmes Homes, Salisbury and Georgetown Development.

She had many wonderful mentors and associates in real estate and is grateful to them for the opportunities and professional training they gave her and for the high standard of ethics practiced by the real estate profession.

Barbara's life cannot truly be captured in several short paragraphs, but if you had to sum it up, you could say it was fulfilling, full of laughter, possibility, beauty…...and most of all, love.

Funeral services will be held Friday, August 31, 2018 at 11 a.m. in the LDS Chapel at 840 South 400 East in Springville, UT.  There will be a viewing held at the chapel one hour prior the services. Burial will be in the Alpine City Cemetery at 2:30 p.m.