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Charles Eckenrode

Charles Eckenrode

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Charles Aldous Eckenrode (Sep. 27, 1946 - Oct 6, 1978)

Many thanks to Craig Derbidge who found this Memoriam for Charles in an old Utah Symphony program.

In Memoriam
Charles Aldous Eckenrode (1946-1978)

Ordinarily there is only one tuba player in a symphony orchestra, and even then there are long passages during which he does not play at all.  But when the score calls for the deep, resonant tone of that very large instrument, the importance of the tuba is evident to all.

Charles (Charlie) Eckenrode was keenly aware of his role as solo tuba in the Utah Symphony and of the uniqueness of his instrument.  He took his playing very seriously and worked continually to perfect his technique.  It could safely be said that music making and tuba playing were his first love for many years of his life.

For several years he also served as stage manager and truck driver for the Utah Symphony on its many tours and run-outs as well as its numberous moves within the city.

His many colleages and friends will miss Charlie.  He was a congenial, outgoing, friendly person who could best be described as one who had a genuine love and concern for his fellow men.  He was sensitive to the needs of others.

Typically, Charlie sought ways of serving his fellow men other than in the well-known, established organizations.  He saw, for example, the devastating trauma that engulfed rape victims and their families and friends, so he devoted many hours, days and even weeks serving as a volunteer in the Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center, rendering immeasureable service and providing hope and encouragement to many victims.

And all of this he did quietly, cheerfully and without hope of personal recognition.

We shall hold Charlie in fond remembrance knowing that he sincerely tried to leave this world better than it was before he came into it. 


Headstone visible HERE
Inscription: Loving Father / He had love for all children