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Ted Hall

Ted Hall

     Ted Hall (1946 - 1973)

Theodore Crutcher Hall died July 31, 1973 in a Salt Lake hospital of cancer. 

Born April 3, 1946 in Oakland, CA to Norman Augustino Hall and Harriett Crutcher.  Cancer was due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.  He earned the Bronze Star. 

Ted enlisted in the US Air Force 12 March 1965, and was released 10 March 1969.  He married Colleen Mary Cook July 19, 1969, and later Kay Eddington, Nov. 24, 1971, Salt Lake City, with whom he had one daughter.  She was born thirty days prior to his passing and would appreciate any information classmates may wish to share with her.  Traci Adolph –

Dan Maxwell reports that Ted was indeed a member of our class.   He lived about a block from Dan in 1963 and watched Ted rebuild the engine on a 1954 Chevy in his garage. 

If you have more particulars, please pass along to Harvey Cahoon.

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04/02/14 07:58 PM #1    

Pam Smith (Nelson)

I don't really remember you..Ted Hall..but that doesn't really were in our graduating class and I wish to say hello and goodbye! Your daughter loves you very much and wishes to know you better. You left this earth too soon...You served our country bravely and also sacrificed yourself in the name of honor. God be with you and your loved ones..and...your Olympus High School friends! Warmly,Pamela Smith Nelson


04/04/14 03:02 PM #2    

Karen Newman (Bsumek)

I agree with everyhing Pam said.  We are proud you were a member of our class!

Karen Newman Bsumek


04/04/14 03:51 PM #3    

Harvey Cahoon

Dan Maxwell asked me to post the following about his friend Ted  -Harv Cahoon

I became acquainted with Ted Hall while attending Olympus Junior High.  He live just about a block from my parent’s home on the corner of Meadow Crest Road and 6380 South.  Ted and I had some interaction and communication, mostly on the bus rides home from school.  It was very apparent that Ted was a big fan of Rocky and Bullwinkle and had not missed many (if any) of the episodes.  He would quote lines from the show and make poor attempts to emulate Rocky as a flying squirrel.

As we got into high school, the communication and encounters continued until a driver license and cars came on the scene.  We would still see each other at school and in the neighborhood.  Ted was handy mechanically and took on the task of overhauling the engine on what I remember was a 1954 Chevrolet.  I remember being in his garage when he torqued the bolts on the main bearings of the engine.

The advent of I-215 resulted in an address change for me, and the only times I saw or talked with Ted was at school.  After graduation, I didn’t see much of him.  During a busy summer, and late in the year, I entered the U.S. Air Force. 

Following basic training in Texas, I went on to additional training in Mississippi at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi.  In the summer of 1965 I was on “main base” and ran into Ted.  It was a moment filled with the typical question of:  “What are you doing here?”  We talked for many minutes about things at home and where we were.  The amazing part of encountering Ted there is that, at the time, there were over ten thousand people on that base.  We agreed to get together some time soon.  The first problem was the fact that I was housed in the “triangle area,” and he was on main base.  The distance between the two places was about the length of the runway – a little over a mile, and we were on foot. 

A couple of weeks later hurricane Betsy came through with lots of trees down and boats washed up into the middle of town.  For the next few months that I was there, our weekends and evenings were spent in assisting the clean-up efforts.  Unfortunately, that was the last time I was able to see or talk with Ted.

06/25/14 02:04 PM #4    

Jerry Pratt

Submitted for Scott Daynes DDS by Jerry Pratt:

I was extremely saddened to learn that Ted died 41 years ago.  We had such fun together
that I've I always remembered him as full of life.  It's another sad marker for that war. 
We were mostly normal kids until we go to the age of motors, go karts and speed.

Ted always had some motor powered project going on.  Looking back, I'm sure there
were "Guardian Angels" to help us survive the crazy rides we took. And then to learn
that Ted died young because of an unpopular war is very sad.  He deserved better!

Scott Daynes

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