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Steve Woodbury

Steve Woodbury

Steve died in a car crash going up Lambs Canyon.  He was in a convertible sports car on the passenger side.  They pulled around a slow moving trailer as a horse ran in front of them.  The horse landed on top of Steve and he passed away the next day. 


J. Stephen Woodbury  (1946 - 1970)

Funeral services for Joseph Stephen Woodbury, 24, 2497 - 15th East, who died Aug. 8, 1970 at a Salt Lake hospial of injuries received in an automobile accident Aug. 7, 1970, will be held Tuesday noon in the University of Utah LDS Institute of Religion, southeast chapel, 1800 Hempstead Rd.

Born May 28, 1946, Salt Lake City to Joseph C. and Lila A Austin Woodbury.  Member LDS Church; filled Denmark Mission, 1965-1968; assistan to mission president.  Member, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Senior University of Utah.  Senior member U of U acapella choir.  Member, National Honor Society.  Junior Achievement Award winner.  University freshman class officer. Olympus High School class officer.

Survivors: parents; sister, Vicki Lyn. all Seattle; grandparents, Mrs. Louise C. Woodbury, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Beatrice E. Austin, San Francisco. Calif.

Friends call Larkin Mortuary, Monday 6-8 pm.  Burial, Holladay Memorial Gardens

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11/11/13 08:00 PM #1    

(Jenny) Marie Lind

Steve was a wonderful fellow with character far beyond his age.  Gone before we could all enjoy his full impact. He was very good to me in HS. .  My thanks to you, Steve, for your great friendship, kindness, humor, intellect and many delightful times.  You are missed. 


11/12/13 05:25 PM #2    

Barbara Miller (Schneider)

Dear Steve-------You "graduated" much too early!!----so many memories of our high school years.   ----always a gentleman-----------always positive and full of excitement----------------always leading with calm leadership skills----always cracking jokes (even though SOMETIMES they wern't funny, I laughed anyway)  Thanks for the treasured memories of our Newfolk singing group-----------Steve, Steve, and Barb----------the Peter, Paul, and Mary wannabes!!  I know you are on a magnificient journey AND I also KNOW that God is in charge!!!   Love, Barb (Miller) Schneider

11/13/13 05:56 AM #3    

Gary Sandberg

From fifth grade until his untimely and tragic death, Steve and I were best friends. I still miss him. I often think about what he accomplished in his abbreviated life. Excellent student, fine athlete, talented singer, dedicated missionary and most of all, Steve was, and still is, a positive influence on all who knew him. 

We jumped out of perfectly good airplanes together, spoke at each others missionary farewells, (Steve to Denmark, me to Sweden) and worked to solve the mystery of "what women think" together. (We never succeeded there) After our missions, Steve's parents, Joe and Lila, had moved to Texas so Steve lived with me and my family for a year until I left for Fort Dix, NJ and Army basic training. During that time, we sold suits at Buds Duds and Arthur Frank for dating and gas money. 

Steve was always singing, and for a white boy, he did a mean impression of Nat King Cole. At age 22 he was possibly the youngest member of the Tabernacle Choir, it was his great joy at that time in his life. Whatever Steve did he did very well.

I will always be grateful to have Steve Woodbury as my friend, he made me a better man, and as a daily reminder our youngest son is named Stephen in his honor. 

Gary Sandberg

11/13/13 10:01 AM #4    

Craig Stevenson

I got to know Steve much better at the U after my mission.  We enjoyed social activities and getting to him better as did those around him.  The saddest day of my university life was his funeral.  My wife to be and I attended together.  As she was also one of his fans she was as hearstricken as the rest of us.  A life taken from his family and friends much too soon.

11/14/13 06:29 PM #5    

Annette Fox (Kennett)

I saw Steve's mother at her sister's funeral a couple of weeks ago.  As we were chatting, I reminded her that Steve and I had gone to high school together.  Her face lit up as she said, "Oh, you knew Steve!"   She was so thrilled to talk for a while about what a special guy he was.  I realized that we don't talk enough about these wonderful people who left us too soon.  So, I guess my point is... Thanks to all of you who are posting comments.  It makes me stop and remember them.

11/14/13 06:29 PM #6    

Margaret Ryan (Rackham)

I want to thank Gary for filling in the gaps of the last few years of Steve's life.  I carried his obituarie in my wallet all these years until I submitted it to this page.  I knew Steve from 7th grade and like to think that I was his fiest "true love".  Those of you who know where his house was can appreciate what a long walk it was from Olympus Junior High up 4800 S to Wander  Lane , up around Karren  street to the big Christmas tree circle to what we considered at the time to be the top of Olympus drive.  Then, it was down hill to the third house on the left , white with a green roof and chicken  coops in the back.  But the most important building was the "Pagoda" that my dad built.  Steve and I would dance to Nat King Cole records.  This didn't happen every day, of course because he was a very busy boy, but I remember  being picked up for the 9th grade spring dance.  His dad was driving a very large black sedan and treated Steve and I like very special passingers.  He knew all mt secrets.  I loved him with all my heart.  I joined the Church while he was on his mission and married before he returned.  I too feel he is very close at times and is still busy doing good works.

11/14/13 10:45 PM #7    

Margaret Ryan (Rackham)

How could I not have proofed the above entry before touching submit ?  Because my hand was shacking just a little and my eyes were tearing just a little too.  I hope we all take time to remember those who won't be at the reunion in June  because they have passed on.  I was in a coma last February due to complications of pneumonia  and I wonder what would be written about me had I moved on instead of getting better. Come to the reunion and say it to my wrinkly face.

06/04/14 04:04 PM #8    

JoAnn Eardley (Miller)

My Dear Friend Steve,

I have been thinking about this for some time and stiill don't know what to write or where to begin.  But first I must say how much I miss Steve. Gary and I have talked about how we wish Steve was still here and our buddy.  From 9th grade through college days we dated and were close friends.His passing is still hard for me to talk about.  Steve was positve, smart, fun,spititual and alway a true gentleman.  Almost too good for this world. That is the only reason I think for his short life here.  We shared many great times together that I will always be thankful for. His untimely death has helped me to reember to live and cherish each day. Not being able to watch him reach his full potential has left a hole in my heart. We love and miss you Steve!

06/15/14 11:12 PM #9    

Kathy Bird

Steve Woodbury was a dear friend and neighbor for our jr. high and high school years.  He was such a good example, and so kind to everyone, it does seem that we lost someone truly great way before his time.  Who knows?  I remember how much his sweet mother cried every Sunday at church for months before he left on his mission.  I'm sure that his passing was very difficult for her.  I'm proud to say that I knew Steve Woodbury to be a giant among his peers!  I'll always love the memory of serving with him at Olympus and watching his quiet leadership affect all of us for good.

06/18/14 01:27 PM #10    

Barbara A. Ferris

Steve, we had some good times together.  We grew up together in the same neighborhood.  I remember that you were older than us (late birthday) and so you got your driver's license earlier.  I remember a few of driving around in your dad's Thunderbird convertable.  I have fond memories of you.

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